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The Art of Jealousy: A Workshop for Women Reclaiming Connection

A Workshop for Women Reclaiming Connection

This is a workshop for women who want to transform their experience of jealousy into one of empowerment, confidence, and connection.

This is a workshop for women who see how their avoidance of jealousy inhibits their ability to be fully present, confident, and authentic in their relationships.

This is a workshop for women who are ready to explore their own experience of jealousy, so they can transform it into more connection, pleasure, and turn-on in their relationships then they ever thought possible.

Is this you? Thank you for being here. Please keep reading.

We exist in a culture that has conditioned women to see each other as the enemy. So much emphasis has been placed on winning the approval of men, that we will often see our sisters as competition, outwardly or passive-aggresively throwing each other under the bus in order to achieve our desired goal--being “chosen”.  

What if there was a way that our sisters could become allies in helping us to receive *everything* we could possibly want in our lives--from sex, to intimacy, to prosperity? What if there actually is more than enough men, pleasure and fulfillment to go around?

And what if being honest about our jealousy, rather than avoidant or deceptive about it, actually holds the key to EVERYTHING we desire?

That’s what this workshop is all about.

Through a combination of partnered exercises, dynamic group sharing, and experiential learning, you’ll learn practices for transforming toxic forms of jealousy into empowered connection that helps us cultivate more of what we TRULY want in our lives and relationships.

Some of the questions we will explore in the workshop include:

What is jealousy? And why are so many of us terrified of feeling it, let alone acknowledging that it exists? How can we utilize the powerful energy of jealousy to create deeper trust, safety, and connection than we ever thought possible in our relationships?

A personal share to give you context for this workshop:

I spent most of my life terrified of women. I was afraid that if I was “too attractive”, “too confident”, “too powerful”, “too desirable”, that I would either be overtly attacked or passively aggressed by women in ways that were deeply painful to my heart.

So rather than being EVERYTHING I knew I was capable of being, instead I would hide, I would play small, because it was safer to be “less than” that to risk being shamed or rejected those who I desired to feel most safe with--women.

About 6 years ago, I decided it was time to heal my relationship with men, with sexuality, and with my self-expression. In-so-doing, I realized that the only way for me to feel safety and freedom in those places was to heal my relationship with women, so that I could heal my relationship with myself.

As much as we would like to think we can do this alone, I find, without fail, that this healing work needs to be done in connection and in community. Much of what keeps us trapped in fear, insecurity and suffering is the belief that we are unique in our struggle, and that others would find us unloveable in this place.

This workshop is designed to blast that false belief open into the deeper truth that there is enough for all of us, and we are deeply loveable, exactly as we are.


When: Saturday, February 23rd from 11:00am-5:00pm
Where: Fairfax, CA (exact location details given upon registration)
Cost: $175 per person
Open to 12 people women.

Healthy snacks and refreshments will be provided for your nourishment.
(There will be a lunch break at the halfway point of the workshop, where you’ll have access to a variety of delicious restaurants and health food store within walking distance).

Prior registration and an enrollment interview over the phone is required for this workshop, as the curriculum is designed about the specific wants and needs of the women participating.

To schedule an enrollment interview, CLICK HERE.


Arielle Brown is an intimacy coach, writer, and facilitator with a focus on embodied intelligence and transparent communication skills. Her coaching work with individuals and couples to connect with their authentic desires and boundaries, so they can build relationships that foster their growth and self-actualization. She offers comprehensive experiential learning through online courses (APPETITE + The Soul of Boundaries), workshops, and experiences, focused on creating alignment in our relationships, sexuality, and self-expression.