Intimacy as a Path to Awakening

Imagine feeling able to truly be yourself in all of your relationships. Imagine feeling deeply connected to your desires, your boundaries, and your ability to communicate what you want, need, and feel in the moment. Imagine knowing with every fiber of your being that you are worthy of love that nourishes your heart and fulfills your hunger for true intimacy and deep connection. It is available to you, and it’s closer than you may realize.

Many of us are realizing that the way we’ve been taught to engage in our relationships often leaves us feeling like we need to hide who we are in order to get what we want. We find ourselves in perpetual power struggles, either feeling like we need to give our power away or gain power over another in order to secure our experience of love and safety.

There is a way for you to experience the fulfillment, depth, meaning and love you are yearning for in your life and your relationships. The key is, rather than seeking external validation and approval from the outside world, what is actually required is to turn inward, and becoming deeply curious about who we are, what we want, and the role we play in *everything* that happens to us.

Arielle serves as a bridge-builder to help you move from you currently are in your experience of relationship, into a place that is more empowered, conscious, and aligned with who you truly are. She works with singles and couples of all genders and sexual orientations, in a variety of formats.


Arielle Brown is an Intimacy Expert, Coach, and facilitator, with a focus in embodied intelligence and transparent communication skills.

Her private coaching work with individuals and couples focuses on embodied intelligence and transparent communication skills. She supports her clients in connecting to their authentic desires and self-expression, so they can build relationships that support their personal fulfillment, and foster their self-actualization.

She offers comprehensive experiential learning through immersive private coaching, online courses, personalized retreats, and in-person workshops focused on evolved relating practices, the energetics of intimacy, and emergent leadership.

Arielle’s credentials include: B.A. in Clinical Counseling Psychology from Washington College. Certified as Eating Psychology Coach from The Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Certified as Orgasmic Meditation Coach from One Taste. Certified in Transformational Leadership from the Sacred Future School for the Transformation of Consciousness and Culture. Graduate from The School of Mystic Arts.