What Are You Hungry For?

The Inspiration Behind this Course...

I want to tell you something. I spent most of my life in judgment of who I was and what I desired. I held a deep-seeded belief that I was unworthy of love and fulfillment, and did everything I could to become what I thought other people, mainly men, wanted me to be, so I could finally feel desirable, attractive, and deserving of love. 

The truth is, I didn't actually know who I was. I spent most of my life hiding my true desires, suppressing my voice, neglecting my own personal boundaries in order to avoid rejection, abandonment, or looking silly.

I got to a breaking point about 5 years ago when I realized I could no longer sacrifice myself in the pursuit of an external validation or approval that could never actually give me the true nourishment my soul was seeking...

Who Are You...

If you are anything like me, you are a bold, passionate, insightful woman, alive with brilliance and clarity. And yet, for some reason, when it comes to sex, when it comes to men, when it comes to desire, there is a block to being truly open, connected and vulnerable about who you are, what you want, and what you need. You are not alone.

I spent most of my 20s losing myself in one relationship after another, abandoning my truths and desires, and after emerging from the fog of relationship, asking myself, "How could I have possibly allowed that to happen...again?"

This conditioning to abandon ourselves in the pursuit of men's approval and a patriarchal society runs deep in the collective wounding of women and the Feminine. Our culture has fed us Disney movies and fad diets, telling us we are both too much and not enough, shaming us for our hunger for more--more connection, more pleasure, more freedom, more love. 

Welcome to APPETITE....

APPETITE is a 6-week virtual course for women wanting to reclaim the purity and wisdom of their desire. It is for women desiring a new model for relating with men, with our sexuality, and with our power. It is a course for cultivating new way of relating in our connections with others, without compromising our boundaries, our desires, our values, or our sense of self. 

This is an alchemical container designed to hold you through releasing patterns and beliefs systems that no longer serve you in relationship, sex and intimacy, to create space for a new and sovereign identity that wants to emerge.

Your pleasure is sacred. Your desire is your intuitive compass. And YOU are a force to be reckoned with. You are welcome in your beauty, your mess, your brilliant humanity. I'm Arielle, and it's an honor to serve you here.

If you’d like to explore joining this round of APPETITE schedule an interview with me.

“The Appetite Course — a 6-week course in which significant intimate relationships with women was built -- brought to my awareness a deep-seated truth; that I long to be witnessed, accepted, and intimately held by the grace of a woman. It revealed the possibility of being everywhere while living vicariously through the lives of the women that shared their brilliant experiences of disappointment, rage, guilt, shame, love, hope, sex, and creative power. To celebrate and mourn life in this container is the fiber of which I have sought to nourish my existence; devoted to the continued expansion of self and love for a purpose greater than my mind can imagine”. - Roseanne Pena, Heart Council Sister


focus for this course:

Embrace Desire as Your Intuitive Compass

 Most people struggle with one of two things. 1) Not knowing what they want, or 2) Fear of acting on what they want. Learn to cultivate a relationship with your desires that becomes a magnetizing fuel to create your dream life.

Clarify and Express Your Personal Boundaries

No matter how much personal work we do, sometimes the act of saying no with grounded conviction can be terrifying. We'll get clear on what your inner "no" feels like, and how to have our boundaries heard and respected.

Release Shame or Guilt Connected to Your Desires

We live in a world that conditions us to feel shame for that which connects us to our power. Our bodies, sexuality, desire, and intuition. Reconnect to these aspects of self and cultivate practices that help you reclaim that power.

Cultivate a New Language for Having Uncomfortable Conversations

How often do we not speak our truths or feelings in our relationships? Rather that taking the conventional approach of hiding the uncomfortable truths, embrace a new skillset for artfully navigating challenging topics in intimacy.

Embrace a New Relationship with Surrender, Receiving and Pleasure

One powerful skill to cultivate in relationship is learning how to let go, so we can allow ourselves to receive and manifest more more of what we truly desire in our lives. It is learning how to trust life, and trust ourselves.

If you’re interested in joining this round of APPETITE, schedule an interview with me and we'll chat. 

“I joined Appetite because I felt Arielle had the energetic medicine I needed to become even more embodied and grounded in who I am and to help me heal both the Masculine and Feminine aspects of myself. Between Arielle’s potent magical energy, her divine channeled messages, and her awesome guest speakers, I really felt a shift in my energy.  Something clicked in for me and I stopped being so afraid of myself and my power. I felt safe where I once felt anxious. I felt held where I once felt judged. And I felt heard where I once felt silenced. That was enough of the exact right medicine I needed to fuel my fire and have it burn even brighter”.  - Brooke Brae, Energy Body Coach



Weekly 2-Hour Live Group Video Coaching Calls + Recordings
Each woman will receive one-on-one laser coaching as well as facilitated group sharing.

Weekly Integration Exercises + Personalized HW Assignments
These group and individual assignments are designed to walk you through an alchemical process.

A Vibrant Private Facebook Group to Share Your Process
Create rich community dialogue, share your progress, ask questions.

If you’d like to enroll in this round of APPETITE, schedule an interview with Arielle.

The Appetite Course is a 10-week Course for Women Reclaiming Desire.

Next Round Begins:

~ February 2019 ~

The course is open to 8 women.

Investment: $1497.00

(Payment Plan Option: 4 Monthly Payments of $395.00)

To inquire about enrolling for APPETITE - Winter 2019, schedule an interview with Arielle.

Reflections From Previous participants:

“Arielle is a change maker and truth sayer who brings her authentic self to every single interaction in her life. Inspiring. I totally recommend any container she's hosting for life changes or even just to open you up and inspire growth with caring support and help. Big love Arielle!” - Kirby Costas Campos, Founder of Amour Soul Space


"APPETITE is a groundbreaking, potent bedrock for people to awaken to deeper layers of themselves and others. Arielle helps people see that through making the unconscious conscious, one's light will blossom into a new perception of the world. Working with her is a powerful opportunity to transcend self-imposed limitations, outdated narratives, and ingrained fears and justifications. She is a true coach in every sense of the word. I feel shockingly seen in her presence, and I adore her humanity. - Kristin Schwartz


“Arielle is a compassionate, inspirational, and sensitive facilitator. She remains deeply attuned and present not only to the needs of individual participants, but also to the group. Having the opportunity to share desires and blocks within a container made of powerful, insightful women was inspirational. I experienced a great deal of personal growth in a short amount of time by taking the Appetite course”. - Sarah Lynne Bowman, Professor


“I deeply appreciate Arielle's genuine presence and the courageous example she sets for us all to embrace our desires and own the most vulnerable parts of ourselves. My life is so much more rich after having met her, and worked with her”. - Riley Finch, Psychotherapist


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