Truth, Love & Presidential Elections

I feel gravity this morning. I feel a weight and solidity in my body that is surprising, yet soothing. I know Trump is our new president. I know that many of his views run counter-intuitive to everything that I stand for, as a human, and especially as a women. 

I feel aware that simply for the fact that I am a white upper middle class woman that I have liberties that many people of other colors, genders and background do not have, haven't had, and will never have. And knowing all of that, I will still say this:

I don't feel afraid. And I don't feel anger either. It could be easy to feel anger at the sheer number of people who did vote for Trump, and use the fact that I voted for Hillary as an excuse for why I'm exempt from the creation of this startling reality.

But the truth is, Trump being in office is as much a reflection of myself as a reflection of the most angry, racist, misogynistic psychopath we've seen on camera at a Trump rally. Hell, at least that guy is letting his vitriolic freak flag fly.

Having reflects wanting. And the fact that we HAVE a man as president who has expressed such hatred, judgment, and disdain for so many people on this planet, it means that on some level, we believe this, we need this, we WANT this.

Trump being elected has me asking myself the following questions:

Where am I still suppressing my voice because of my fears about my inadequacy or fallibility as a woman?

Where do I still hold deep-seeded judgments of others based upon their belief systems, their anatomy, or the color of their skin?

Where am I still operating under the false belief that anyone has the key to my power and freedom other than myself?

I do not claim to be a woman who is versed in the details of politics, government and law. But I am a woman who is deeply versed in the wisdom, workings and evolution of the Soul.

And what I do know is EVERYTHING that occurs outside of me (especially that which instills within me seething angering or paralyzing fear) is a reflection of something within me desiring to be acknowledged, claimed, and brought into the light.

So today I feel grounded, and more clear than ever of the path that I am walking--as a human, and especially as a woman. 

With a man in office already speaking of his intention to take away a woman's right to choice of her own body--now is the time more than ever for women to bring our voices into the world.

Now is the time for women to recognize the medicine that only WE can bring to the planet. And that we can only bestow our medicine when we release all shame for who we are, what we desire, and what we believe in the deepest conviction of our own hearts. 

I am a stand for women claiming the power of their voice when they bask in the radiance of an open and unapologetic heart. And I am in support of building community around women stepping into the unique expression of their magic, of their power, that this world is so desperately asking for.

If you are a woman who feels these words resonating as truth in your bones, I invite you to join the community and conversation of women on the same Path in my closed FB group, Sex, Power & Magic, by clicking here:

And if you are a human, resonating with the words I am writing, I invite you to be compassionate with yourself today for the places where you still imprison yourself with your judgments, your insecurities, and your blindspots. 

You are reading this because you ARE doing the work, and yes, there is always more to be done. But trust yourself, and trust in the power of what is possible when we look at ourselves and the world with compassionately honest eyes. For the truth is not the whole truth, unless it is spoken with love.