The Willingness to Have What We Want

We can have anything we want.

That's not the issue.

The issue is that we're unwilling let go of all the stories and deeply ingrained beliefs systems that have us convinced of why we can't have it.

"I don't deserve it".

"It costs too much".

"It's not the right time".

"It's inconvenient for my relationship".

And here is my response to all of these reasons (which I myself have been a speaker of):

* The very fact you exist implies you deserve it.
* If you truly want something, you'll always find a way to make it happen.
* It's never the 'perfect' time to irrevocably transform the course of your life.
* If you're shutting down your desires in your relationships, that is something to look at".

So let's go beneath the surface stories and into the real raw truth.

Why do we avoid pursuing and actualizing our deepest desires and living our purpose?

Because we are afraid of the magnitude of our own power.

We are afraid of letting go of the small identity we have clung to for so long because it has kept us safe within a world that shames the rebellious act of being Yourself.

We are afraid of losing the relationships on our life that have kept us comfortable in our chosen subjugation.

We are afraid of making others uncomfortable in the magnitude of our presence and unapologetic nature.

We are afraid of the responsibility that we would have to take for EVERY single thing that we attract into our life.

Yes. That all makes sense. I get why you're afraid. It's terrifying to take responsibility for the magnitude of our power and impact on the world around us.

It's terrifying to acknowledge that there are no limitations to what we can have, except for the stories we cling to that strangle our spirit and block out our light.

So why would we choose this path, of having what you TRULY want? Because to have what we TRULY, it requires us to embody your True Nature. It requires us to become an intimate lover of our own Soul, and dive into the deepest parts of who we are that we hide from most of the world.

This is where our power resides, and when we do the work of reclaiming and embodying our True Nature, we become a magnet for the people, places and experiences that will reveal to us our Soul Purpose--it will reveal to us who we are when we live in the full out expression of our Greatness.

What I am speaking of is a life without limitations. A life steeped in the full expression of our purpose here on this planet. And a life filled with pleasure, peace and fulfillment beyond what we can currently imagine.

We can have it. It is our birthright. And it begins with a step outside of your comfort zone, and into the unknown.