What I'm Learning About Me...

maybe you don't know 
who you are 
to me 

but ever since you 
came into my life 
you see

colors are brighter
and I've realized
I'm a writer 

of prose
I suppose

that serve
as a reminder

that pain is poetry
yet to be expressed

and longing
is love
just waiting
to be undressed

by hands that 
i've licked 
like honey
from the pot

so my dear
i must be honest
i've be learning
quite a lot

about what 
i am
and what 
i am not

and yes i know
i am skilled
at throwing you
off the spot

so let me be honest

just one truth
from you to me

my soul has been 
through a battle

from the debris

so please do not
try to control me

as you love me

i am a woman
of devotion

look into my eyes
and you will see

that i can love you
like no other

but to do so
i must be free.


A poem to the men who truly want to love women without caging or stripping them of their raw and wild power. We are discovering ourselves, as we discover how to be in relationship to you. 

Please, love us in our process, slow down, and let us learn to trust in the safety of your arms in our own time. 

We hold a key to your nourishment, to your satiety, that we so deeply desire to share, but we cannot give it if it means sacrificing our truth or our soul.

We women are learning, and we know you are too. Please, slow down, find intimacy and pleasure in the space between touch, so we can find resonance, and learn in connection with you.

Thank you. I love you.

Arielle Brown