In order to create the life we desire, we need to be willing to be 100% out about who we are, what we want, and what we believe. We need to look at the places where we abandon ourselves or hide our truths in order to gain love, approval or validation that exists outside of us. This most deeply shows up in our intimate and sexual relationships.

So much of our ability to create meaningful and fulfilling careers, relationships and realities is dependent upon our ability to create alignment between our inner truths and our outer experiences. Our ability to set boundaries in our relationships, are intimately connected with our ability to powerfully manifest what is in our highest good and joy.

Our work will involve looking at how to create containers for our relationships that can grow and change with you, so that you don’t become trapped in an identity fixated on becoming what other’s want us to become.

For Women: I help women to embody their sexuality. To bring their power, desire, their truth, their emotions down into their body, so it can be felt and expressed. I work with women who have been operating from a Masculine approach to reality rooted in force, effort, control, and performance, and help them shift into more of a Feminine approach to life rooted in ease, intuition, pleasure, and magnetism. Our work together is about stripping away any identities that seek approval or validation from others, and instead focusing reconnecting to your authentic expression, and the inherent power to create that exists from that place.

For Men: I help men embody their Masculinity is such a way that also incorporates their vulnerability, their desire, their intuition, and their ability to attune to themselves, to life, and to women. I work with high performing men who want to access deeper levels of their own creative potential, and experience profound fulfillment in their work, life, and relationships. You will create a new relationship with your desires, power, emotions and intuition.

For Couples: I support couples who want to create a new baseline of intimacy in their relationship. This is for couples who want to deepen their sexual and energetic connection, and find new and exciting ways to enhance chemistry, cultivate new aspects of each individuals identity, while also expanding the identity of the relationship as a whole. This is for powerful couples who are each living their passion and purpose in their individual lives, and want to cultivate a strong and evolutionary relationship container that supports each individuals self-actualization and fulfillment of pleasure.

If you feel you are ready to to a deep dive into this type of personal transformation, fill out the form below. I look forward to connecting with you. To schedule a time to talk with me, fill out a Mentorship Application