~ An Evolutionary Approach to Intimacy ~

Do you feel like there has got to be something more available to you through your romantic and sexual relationships—an experience of freedom, fulfillment, and magic that directly influences every aspect of your life?

Do you desire a roadmap for shifting out of disempowering relationship dynamics that leave you feeling foggy and frustrated—leading you into a place of easeful communication and pleasurable connection?

Do you crave a deeper experience of raw authenticity, presence, and exploration in sex that invites you into experiencing realms of connection, consciousness, and bliss that you intuitively feel exist, but struggle to access?

Do you want to design your own roadmap for intimacy and connection, in such a way that your relationships support your truth, your desires, and your self-actualization?

~ Welcome to Intimacy By Design ~

Intimacy By Design is an 8-week interactive group course for people ready to create their own roadmap for relationship and sexuality. It is for people ready to strengthen connection to their desires, boundaries, and inner guidance system, so they can show up powerfully in relationship from a place of presence, truth, curiosity, and love.

This is an alchemical container designed to support you in releasing patterns and old beliefs systems that no longer serve you in relationship, sex and intimacy, so you can create space for a new and sovereign identity that wants to emerge.

Some of the Topics We’ll Cover Include:
Cultivating the Underlying Energetics That Support Sovereignty in Romance
Crafting Relationship “Containers” That Grow and Evolve with You
Cultivating Deeper Presence, Embodiement, & Pleasure in Sex
Confidently Communicating Desires & Boundaries to Romantic Partners
Consciously Dismantling Triggers & Disempowering Relationship Dynamics

An Important Note:
All genders, sexual orientations, relationship statuses (single, dating, married, partners), and relationship formats (monogamous, polyamorous, open, etc) are welcome and encouraged in this course.

~ Components of this 8-Week Course ~

Weekly 2-Hour LIVE Class with Arielle
Classes are held via Zoom (video conferencing software). If you can’t make a call live, recordings are provided.

Weekly Homework Assignments to Guide You Through the Process
Receive video assignments to cultivate new belief systems and implement the work into YOUR life & relationships.

Weekly LIVE Study Hall + Q&A with Arielle
Study Halls are held via Zoom to catch up on HW assignments, and gain access to LIVE Q&A with Arielle.

A Vibrant WhatsApp Group Thread to Share Your Progress
Connect with the other course participants and stay steeped in the energy of the course between classes.

~ A Message from Arielle ~
(Creator of Intimacy By Design)


Learn more about Arielle’s background here.

~ Dates and Registration ~


June 12, 19, 26 ~ July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 (All Wednesdays)
6:00pm-8:00pm PST
*Recordings will be made available for all classes, so you if you can’t make it live, you can watch at your convenience.

June 18, 25 ~ July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 (All Tuesdays)
4:00pm-5:00pm PST
*Study Hall is optional, but a great way to set aside time each week to catch up on assignments & ask Arielle questions.

All classes and study halls are held via Zoom video.


Payment in Full: $695.00
Payment Plan Option: 4 monthly payments of $220

~ Reflections ~

“Arielle weaves an immaculate web for all of us to rest gently on. She is a fine tuned musician (both literally and metaphorically). She knows when to pluck the strings she has delicately woven, creating compassionate friction — eradicating your stories whilst pushing you into seeing all of who you are. She knows when to draw you closer and hold you in her gentle cocoon of multi-dimensional sight and warm acceptance”.
- Pilar Lesko, www.pilarlesko.com

“To fully integrate facilitation with rawness, event-direction with realness, and group-holding with vulnerability is, essentially, an impossible game. Arielle wins this impossible game. Again and again. Every time I’ve been to one of her events, as a participant or a co-facilitator, she has blown me away with her ability to simultaneously channel intuitive wisdom, hold clear structure, and be 100% herself."
- Dave Burns,

”Arielle’s vast understanding of what it takes to align my life with my truth has made all the difference. She asks the tough questions and calls out my power, not catering to ego or fear. She is exactly what every powerful creator needs in her life: someone that will challenge her to create exactly the thing she wants, first by finding out what it is”. - Maria Palumbo, www.mariapalumbo.com

For the first time, I’m able to own my own desires, let go of outcomes, and simply be in the present moment. There’s not a single area of my life that wasn’t profoundly touched by the change I've experienced through my work with Arielle”. -Matthew Pearson

“Arielle is a compassionate, inspirational, and sensitive facilitator. She remains deeply attuned and present not only to the needs of individual participants, but also to the group. Having the opportunity to share desires and blocks within a container made of powerful, insightful women was inspirational. I experienced a great deal of personal growth in a short amount of time working with Arielle”. - Sarah Lynne Bowman