Creating Connected Community

Being witnessed by community in the process of our own evolution is powerful. It is easy to isolate in a culture that promotes hiding the places where we feel fear, shame, anger, sadness, and other "socially unacceptable" emotions.

The groups and workshops I run focus on cultivating deeper levels of intimacy with others through conscious communication and sensory awareness of our bodily sensations. Subject matter I teach on includes embodied communication, sexuality, relationship dynamics, and the energetics of how we attract and connect intimately.

Below is a calendar of all in-person and virtual events, and below that are testimonials of people's experiences in these groups and workshops. 

What People Say About Arielle's Workshops:

"To fully integrate facilitation with rawness, event-direction with realness, and group-holding with vulnerability is, essentially, an impossible game. Arielle wins this impossible game. Again and again. Every time I’ve been to one of her events, as a participant or a co-facilitator, she has blown me away with her ability to simultaneously channel intuitive wisdom, hold clear structure, and be 100% herself." - Dave B.

“From the moment you walk into the studio, Arielle makes you feel warm, welcomed, and accepted. She is a very engaged leader, listens with great intent, and sets the tone for the group to be a safe place for sharing and expressing raw emotion. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to deepen their connection to intimacy and embrace the realness of asking for what you want; without fear of rejection, judgment, or consequences. You will feel empowered, open, and leave with a newfound strength to obtain the intimacy you have been longing for. “ ~ Jennifer W.

"Arielle’s emotional intimacy workshop was a deeply rewarding experience for me. The ability to connect with someone on such a deep level in just one 3-hour workshop is a testament to the power of the embodied presence that Arielle teaches and the safe container she creates. What I took away is something I haven’t gotten in any other setting, and yet I’ve been able to re-create several times in the two short weeks since. Learning what it feels like, in my body, to state my desires and boundaries, to hear the same from my partner, and to respond to requests in (and out of) integrity with my body becomes not so much a verbal skill to master, but more like muscle memory: I can do it again and again without having to think about it, like riding a bike". ~ Matthew P.

"Arielle is real, transparent, daring, and kind. She is a magical embodiment of courage, authenticity and pure possibility. Arielle creates an auspicious and safe container to fall apart in, to get bone dry honest in, and, most importantly one where you can BE YOURSELF. Through working with Arielle, I learned that getting truly honest with oneself that one can begin to create a life that aligns with their highest truth, potential and desires." - Kristin S.