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Revealing and Healing the Shadow: An Intimacy Ritual for Women

  • The Temple of Artemis Grass Valley, CA USA (map)

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How familiar are you with the shadow of the feminine that exist within you?

Join Arielle Brown and Kelly Luna for this in depth exploration of our collective feminine shadow. In these times of potent growth and evolution, it is more important than ever that we as women are able to look at some of our finest bullshit, if we are to truly live the changes we want to see in the world.

This means dismantling the belief systems passed onto us through generations of women living within a patriarchal society. This work is necessary if we are to create a world in which the future generations are able to thrive in loving relations with one another.

As empowered women, living a fulfilling life path, it is often easy for us to assume that because our Queen crown is shining so brightly, we are in right relation with each other. This is not always so. Within conscious communities, where image, status and spiritual enlightenment are marks of “success”, beneath the surface lies the silent struggle of many women who feel isolated, lonely, and lacking in the support they need. Many of us carry silent weights of judgment, comparison, scarcity and competition towards other women that inhibit us from embracing our full potential. Many of us do not even acknowledge these truths to ourselves. It is simply too uncomfortable.

So how do we change this and why would we want to?

* Acknowledging these shadows exist, giving them a voice.
* Deep vulnerability within a compassionate and sacred container. 
* Courage - speaking to our fears, leaning into trust.
* Accepting that we are all human, we all have thought/said/done things we are not proud of towards other women or ourselves.
* Noticing the ways in which we are afraid we are “too much” or “not enough”.
* Understanding that the ways in which we interact with the feminine in others, is a direct reflection of the way in which we relate to the feminine within ourselves.

The emotional alchemy available to us, when we are willing to speak to the shadows of our feminine nature is POWERFUL. We invite you to lean in. Be witnessed and held by a group of women who are as devoted as you to the same path of healing and awakening, through connection and community with their sisters. 


Location: The Temple of Artemis, Grass Valley, CA.
(This is a private home/temple space, address will be given upon receipt of payment.)

Time: 10:45am - 6 pm.

Please arrive a few minutes before to get yourselves settled. Due to the nature of the topics we will be covering this will be a CLOSED CONTAINER from 11am onwards, with no late entry. Please arrive well nourished, and bring your own lunch for the break.

Cost: Sliding scale $44 - $111
We are offering this event sliding scale as we deeply believe in the importance of this work and want to make it accessible to those who may be lower income. Please pay what you can honestly afford. Reach out to Kelly Luna to secure your seat.



* Your most authentic self, however that may look on that day.
* Journal/Pen
* Lunch
* Water bottle
* A beginners mind and a compassionate heart.