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Relationship Dynamics Mini-Workshop

  • Hawaiin Sanctuary (map)

So many of us are looking forwards to create deeper understanding, connection and communication in our intimate relationships.

We want to feel safe, supported and empowered to bring our entire selves into our personal relationships--transparently leading with of our desires, boundaries and edges for personal growth into the dynamic.

Regardless of what type of connection, from partnership, to lovers, to friends, to family, we want to feel like who we are and what we want is heard and valued.

In this Relationship Dynamics Mini-Workshop, we'll explore different tools and practices for learning how to communicate what we want and need in our intimate relationships from a place of connection, compassion, and curiosity.

Some of the topics and questions we'll navigate include:

What happens after the romance?

What happens if two people have different desires for how they want to be in connection?

How do we find conscious and empowered ways to deal with attachments and codependency?

How do we work with the fear, insecurity and self-doubt that can come up as we learn to communicate our deeper desires and boundaries in intimacy?

How to deal with judgement from both self and others?

Our island is such a potent and powerful community of souls. Our intention is that this Relationship Dynamics workshop is an opportunity to create a safe space where we can drop into an even deeper level of love, connection and mutual respect for each other.

This workshop is free to attend.

Please arrive at 5pm to give yourself time to get settled in. We start promptly at 5:15pm, and in order to create a safe container, late entries won't be allowed. We appreciate you honoring this request.

This workshop will be hosted at The Hawaiin Sanctuary, a 44-acre eco-rejuvenation center on The Big Island, Hawaii. They are dedicated to providing experiential education in the areas of health & wellness, social permaculture, leadership, sustainability and personal & collective growth.

If you have any questions, email Arielle at

About the facilitators:

Arielle Brown is an Intimacy Coach & Educator. She has been working privately with individuals and couples for the past 6 years, and facilitating workshops on how to create relationships built on vulnerable, connected communication of each individuals core desires, boundaries, values and purpose. To learn more about her coaching and other offerings, visit

Shane Bee Charmer Lee