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Intimacy Energetics Workshop

  • HeartSpace Studios 12D School Street Fairfax, CA, 94930 United States (map)

Join us in a space designed for those who want to experience a new and exciting depth of intimacy and connection in their romantic relationships.

Our society has given us a incredibly limiting script and scope of how to engage in romantic relationship, and many people are looking for a new way to engage in intimacy--one where we our encouraged to lead with our authentic desires, boundaries, and our personal truths.

Many of us walk around energetically or emotionally guarded against our partners, with the intention of protecting ourselves from being rejected, judged, or rocking the boat. And as a result, many of us hide who we truly are in order to "make our relationships work".

These protective walls often prevent us from creating relationships that redefine what we believe is possible when we embrace a new depth of vulnerability and honesty about who we are, what we want and what we need in connection with another.

The Intimacy Energetics Workshop is designed for couples who want to create a deeper experience of intimacy, connection and arousal in their relationships, and cultivate a new and improved language for communities their needs, desires and emotional experience.

Through a combination of experiential exercises, embodiment practices and structured group dialogues, this workshop will create a safe, structured, open space to begin melting the barriers to connection between you and the people you love and care for in your life.

Logistics for the Workshop:

This workshop is open to 12 people (6 women, 6 men). Singles and couples are welcome, as the subject matter applies similarly to either. 

Cost: $100 per single person, $175 per couple

This is an upper-level workshop and advance registration is required. 

To schedule an interview, fill out this form. We'll find a time that works for a call to discuss your desires and see if this workshop is a good fit for you.

About the Facilitator:

Arielle is a Somatic Intimacy Coach and Group Facilitator. Her expertise is in helping individuals to identify and release the blocks to profound intimacy, transformative sex, and extraordinary relationships. She helps people singles and couples create or revitalize relationships that are always expansive (and often unconventional), rooted in the unique desires, boundaries and values of everyone involved. She also facilitates groups and workshops focused on cultivating deeper levels of intimacy with others through conscious communication and sensory awareness.

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What People Say About This Workshop:

“From the moment you walk into the studio, Arielle makes you feel warm, welcomed, and accepted. She is a very engaged leader, listens with great intent, and sets the tone for the group to be a safe place for sharing and expressing raw emotion. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to deepen their connection to intimacy and embrace the realness of asking for what you want; without fear of rejection, judgment, or consequences. You will feel empowered, open, and leave with a newfound strength to obtain the intimacy you have been longing for. “ ~ Jennifer W.

"Arielle’s emotional intimacy workshop was a deeply rewarding experience for me. The ability to connect with someone on such a deep level in just one 3-hour workshop is a testament to the power of the embodied presence that Arielle teaches and the safe container she creates. What I took away is something I haven’t gotten in any other setting, and yet I’ve been able to re-create several times in the two short weeks since. Learning what it feels like, in my body, to state my desires and boundaries, to hear the same from my partner, and to respond to requests in (and out of) integrity with my body becomes not so much a verbal skill to master, but more like muscle memory: I can do it again and again without having to think about it, like riding a bike". ~ Matthew P.

"Arielle led the group through a natural progression of exercises that eased me towards some powerful revelations about myself, and helped me to achieve profound intimacy with my partner I was paired with. Expect to connect with your edges, get in touch with what you are and aren’t comfortable with, and have an opportunity to flex your “honoring yourself” muscles within a safe container. Arielle creates a great environment for practicing communication skills that you can take out into your relationships. This experience was an extremely valuable part of my self-development and I highly recommend it to both men and women who want to deepen their relationship with themselves and others". ~ Julia G.