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An Evening of Authentic Connection Games

  • HeartSpace Studios 12 School Street Fairfax, CA, 94930 United States (map)

(This is an introductory drop-in event. RSVP is, however, appreciated.)

In a world full of distractions and disconnection, many of us are hungry for an essential nutrient in our relationships--that nutrient is intimacy.

We yearn for friends, partners, lovers, and community members beckon out our brilliance, celebrate our desires, and respect the sanctity of our personal boundaries.

Unfortunately, we live in a culture that hasn't given us a framework for how to communicate or connect from this place of radically connected vulnerability in community...

Which is exactly why Essential Intimacy was created.

This gathering creates a safe, structured, sexy and playful space to speak candidly our desires, our insecurities, and our leading edges for growth and transformation. We talk about relationship, attraction, sex and conscious communication. Basically, everything is on the table.

Join us for an evening of authentic connection games that invite you to play with a group of open-minded people to reveal the real YOU.

Facilitated by Arielle Brown, each game is designed to invite you dive or tip toe into intimacy at whatever pace feels good to you.

Structure of the Evening:

7:30-7:45pm - Connect, Refreshments & Settle In

7:45-9:15pm - Begin Essential Intimacy Games

9:15-9:30pm - Mingle & Enjoy Snacks

You are welcome to show up as you are, happy or sad, put together or utterly a mess--knowing that *all* of you is welcome.

Important: Arrive on time. We begin at 7:45pm and don't allow late entry in order to preserve the intimacy of the group.

Cost is $20 to attend. Cash only, please.

About the Facilitator

Arielle is a Somatic Intimacy Coach, with an expertise in helping individuals to identify and release the blocks to profound intimacy, transformative sex, and extraordinary relationships.

In her private experiential coaching work with singles and couples, she helps people create or revitalize relationships that are always expansive (and often unconventional), rooted in the unique desires, boundaries and values of everyone involved. She also facilitates groups and workshops focused on cultivating deeper levels of intimacy with others through conscious communication and sensory awareness.

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Reflections on Arielle's Facilitation Style:

"Arielle is real, transparent, daring, and kind. She is a magical embodiment of courage, authenticity and pure possibility. Arielle creates an auspicious and safe container to fall apart in, to get bone dry honest in, and, most importantly one where you can BE YOURSELF. Through working with Arielle, I learned that getting truly honest with oneself that one can begin to create a life that aligns with their highest truth, potential and desires." - Kristin S.

"To fully integrate facilitation with rawness, event-direction with realness, and group-holding with vulnerability is, essentially, an impossible game. Arielle wins this impossible game. Again and again. Every time I’ve been to one of her events— as a participant or a co-facilitator— she has blown me away with her ability to simultaneously channel intuitive wisdom, hold clear structure, and be 100% herself." - Dave B.

"Arielle has a facilitation style that is inclusive, and one where one feels seen and heard. She leads with a quiet power - one that is soft and warm, yet holds a strong and safe container. She is grounded and approachable and she has a way about her of being able to easily encourage vulnerability and authenticity". - Sharon F.

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