The private coaching work I offer is for people who ready to completely transform the way the experience intimacy, connection, freedom and fulfillment in their relationships. Why is this work so important? Because everything in life is relationship. Relationship with self. Relationship with other. Relationship with power. Relationship with sex. Relationship with our bodies. Relationship with the energy that underlies everything.

In order to create the life we desire, we need to be willing to be 100% out about who we are, what we want, and what we believe. We need to look at the places we abandon ourselves, the places where we hide our truth, the places where we secretly fear having the things we really want--and transform them. This is our work. 

Working together in a coach relationship is like immersing yourself in an alchemical container to hold you through a transformational process. The person you will be on the other side is different from the person you were when you first began. You will let go of aspects of your identity that no longer serve you so that you can create space to invite in that which is aligned with your vision and core desires.

As you can imagine, this change does not happen overnight, and as a result, I do not offer single sessions.

To work with you, you'll invest in a 6-week coaching package that includes:

  • 6 x hour-long video coaching sessions (plus recordings)
  • weekly practical integration assignments
  • text support + email support through your package

The cost of this investment is $1500, which can be broken up into 3 payments of $500 to be paid over the course of our 6-week package together.




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