The Connection You’ve Been Craving…

We are all in the process of remembering how to come home to our hearts.
We are learning how to love ourselves, and how to teach others how to love us in turn.

We are here to remember who we truly are,
and we’re meant to do it in connection.

The Soul of Boundaries

This course is a map for identifying the underlying belief systems, emotions, and energetics that block us from connecting to our YES and NO, and get in the way us confidently communicating them. It is a user manual for creating deeper alignment between who we truly are and how we show up in our realtionships.

As we walk this path of waking up to our true selves, there is a new skillset we must cultivate, where we are able to feel into our bodies and speak what is true in the moment from a place love and connection.

As we become more empowered and free in our relationships, we need to cultivate clear boundaries, so that as we open up our hearts in connection with another, we do not give ourselves away in the process.

The Story Behind the Course

I spent the better part of my 20s bending over backwards to become what I thought other people wanted me to be, so that they would accept me, so that they would choose me, so that they would love me.

I hid my desires, suppressed my truth, withheld my feelings, and stifled my intuition, because I feared if I spoke up and rocked the boat, I’d be judged, abandoned, or replaced by someone more accommodating. The fear of being too much, too complicated, and too sensitive ruled my frantic mind and tender heart.

It was a painful way to live, because despite my efforts to become someone else, I still lacked the nourishment and love I truly desired in connection. Eventually I came to the realization that if I wanted to change my experience in relationship, I would need to change the way that I express myself.

I would need to trust my heart, speak my truth, and know I am worthy of the love that I seek.

This is what I practice, and this is what I teach.


You want to be clear on your boundaries, but for most of your life you didn’t know
what they were, or that you were even allowed to have them.

You want to experience deep intimacy in life, but you’re all too familiar with
the feeling of losing yourself in relationship with another person.

You want to show up powerfully in your relationships, but struggle to
communicate what you truly want, need and feel in the moment.

You are passionate about being a vehicle for positive change in the world,
and want our relationships to support you in your growth and expansion.

Structure of The Course

This course is a potent, self-paced, 4-module video series that offers a powerful approach understanding and connecting to your boundaries. It is a step-by-step soulful inquiry process of tapping into underlying beliefs systems and emotions that influence how you advocate for yourself in relationship.

Each module includes journal prompts that help you to integrate the teachings into your personal life.

The Video Modules for the Course Include:

  1. Fears & False Beliefs About Boundaries

  2. Aligning Your Inner & Outer Reality

  3. Validating Your Emotional Experience

  4. Becoming a Conscious Creator

    This course is the intro to boundaries I wish I would have had when I first started my personal growth work. If you’re ready to become a conscious creator of your life and your relationships, I invite you to start here.

    Saying yes to this course is about saying yes to yourself in a BIG way.

    Thank you for being here, and enjoy the journey.