Everything You Want Is In Your Body

Our ability to attract and receive that which we truly want in our life comes down to our ability and willingness to be embodied--meaning, the degree to which we choose to inhabit our body. 

Most of us spend our lives checked out of our body, living up in our heads, in our stories, around why it's not safe or not okay to be in our body now. The majority of reasons we do this ultimately come down to two things: Shame and Fear--the dynamic duo of disempowerment.

My experience is that often (but not always), shame precipates fear. They cycle seems to be that we experience shame about some aspect of our existence, often associated with the following:

- shame about the shape/size/weight of our body
- shame about our sexuality
- shame the things we desire or the things that give us pleasure
- shame about what we have NOT accomplished
- shame about money, career, family, relationship, health, etc.

And because of this experience of shame in one of (or several) of the areas spoken above, we experience fear around having to feel the emotional and physical pain that said shame provokes.
So, we choose to disembody, living up in our heads, and sometimes fully out of our bodies (thank you New Age movement), in order to avoid the pain, prescribing to the story "I'll decide to fully inhabit my body....

....once I lose the weight.
....once I have the right relationship.
....once I have financial stability.
....once I land my dream job.
....once I'm PERFECT.

What a PERFECT recipe for never fully inhabiting your body--choosing to put the full embodiment of human life on hold until all circumstances and conditions are perfect.

It's never going to happen.

Our lives are constantly showing us the places we have more healing to do, more walls to take down, more bridges to build where the destinations will hold more fruit than that which currently exist--but to hold off on BEING here right now, in anticipation of the "big exhale" of perfection, disconnects of from the very power source that can fuel the creation of a life rich with our deepest fulfillments.

To attract and receive the people and experiences that will truly nourish and fulfill us, we need to be IN our body. Otherwise, one of two things (or both) tend to happen.

1) We believe we are unworthy of what we want, and consciously push it way, or subconscious sabotage it's presence in our life.
2) We pursue relationships, careers or material things that aren't ACTUALLY what we want, but pursue them anyway because we've been told by others (family, society, peers) they will make us happy.

Do you know what you want? Do you ACTUALLY know what you want? Are you waiting for that "last thing" to click into place before you feel safe/worthy of fully inhabiting your body? Are you living a life of your choosing? Are you willing to be here now?

I ask you these questions, because I ask myself these questions every day. I've learned that creating a life of my choosing requires me to become curious of all the places I am saying "No" to being here right now. All the magic arises from a feeling, and all feeling begins in the body.

I love you.