I Am Here to Help Women Remember

I am here to help women remember who we are. I am here to help all beings remember that our natural state is joy and wonder, and it is from this place that ALL divine creation occurs.

I am here to help women access and remember their essence, through reconnecting to their pleasure and sexuality. And through MY sexuality, I am here to give men permission to let the beast within them roar with pride, power, and permission.

I am passionate about women giving themselves permission to fully own, express, and live from the deepest desires.

I am passionate about helping women seeing their emotionality, their intuition, their fluctuation in mood and mind, their sensitivity, their magic--everything that we have been shame and slaughtered for in the past--as what makes us powerful and wise.

I am fed up with living in a culture full of men who are afraid to be Masculine, and women who are afraid to be Feminine.

I am fed up with living in a culture where women fear they are too much for men, and men fear they are not enough for women.

I am fed up with living in a culture where people would rather suffer and slowly die inside in silence, then speak the truth of their heart. I am sick and tired of living in a culture of man-hating women, and women-hating men.

It is time to come together, as men and women, and say the things that keep us separated--that keep us fragmented, and cause the very destruction that we seeing happening to this beautiful planet that we live on. A balancing of the Masculine and Feminine needs to occur.

Both sexes have the struggle of our conditioning to work with.

We have both been shamed for being the very thing that makes us who we are, and we must ALL take responsibility for letting go of the conditioning and shame that keeps us enslaved, bitter, resentful and afraid.

I myself, keep myself enslaved by thinking "who am I to hold such bold a claim and belief as the one listed above"? 

I am a young, blonde, white woman living in America, who has always had food on her table and a roof over her head. I think "how dare you be angry, entitled, or in judgment of the people around you?" "You more than 90% of the world population".

Yet here I am, feeling these very feelings, and the reason I feel entitled to do so is because I am an embodiment of everything I know must change on this planet.

Every day, my commitment is to free myself of all the ropes, shackles and beliefs, that have kept me stuck in the very culture I speak of above.

I have feared being judged, ridiculed, cut down, laughed at, attacked, you name it, for the conviction of feeling and thought I hold within me if I was to express it outwards. And I have done those very things to myself in order to remain silent.

So, my commitment, moving forward, is to share what I believe, in utter power and humility, knowing that I will both inspire and trigger those who I touch with my words, and everything in between.

Perhaps my biggest fear is that I will do neither--and that my words will fall on an indifferent audience with no ears or desire to hear me. And that is my challenge, am I willing to speak up, regardless of the reception or welcome?

My answer is YES, I am and I will, from this moment out. I will speak and I will rise.

Thank you.

I love you.