Appreciation from Epic Clients

Bethany Colaprete, Mental Health Counselor & Faculty
Without a doubt, working with Arielle has been the most transformational experience of my life. I mean that honestly. I have worked with multiple coaches and counselors and Arielle has something incredibly unique and special. I was astounded by what surfaced during each session and throughout working together--I peeled away layers of stories I hadn't realized weren't serving me. The sacred container she held gave me the opportunity to explore areas of me I had been afraid to uncover and investigate. I have deep gratitude for Arielle's absolute presence, drive, power, and commitment to the work. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone ready and willing to embark on a life-changing journey.

Kristin Schwartz, Child Care-Taker

Where do people like Arielle come from? From a place of deep love and reverence for human life and human potential. Arielle is real, transparent, daring, and kind. She is a magical embodiment of courage, authenticity and pure possibility. Arielle creates an auspicious and safe container to fall apart in, to get bone dry honest in, and, most importantly one where you can BE YOURSELF. It is only through a passage of getting truly honest with oneself that one can begin to create a life that aligns with their highest truth, potential and desires.

Arielle helps women see that through making the unconscious conscious, one's light will blossom into a new perception of the world. Arielle helped me personally reach the joy of realization consistently throughout our work together. Working with her is a powerful opportunity to transcend self-imposed limitations, outdated narratives, and ingrained fears and justifications. Arielle is a true coach in every sense of the word. I feel shockingly seen in her presence, and most of all, I adore her humanity. 

Marianna Seger,  Artist
"I wanted to access my power as a woman, and Arielle’s offering – to remove the  blocks we have around being a woman in this world was in alignment with my quest. I was  surprised and grateful, to access a deep well of emotion and shame in myself that I was not aware was holding me back in the context of being in my full power as a woman – because it was not so much related to being a woman at all. Arielle asked  a VERY powerful question that I had to sit with, and when we explored it together, it opened into this insight.

Arielle walks her talk. She is a woman in her power. She holds a strong, clear container, and is committed and courageous in her dedication to show up fully and vulnerably. Her loving, playful energy creates safety and opportunity for opening and growth".

Nutmeg Baker, Environmental Educator
For me, It was an instant Yes! I heard Arielle speak on "Reclaiming Your Voice in Sex, Love and Relationship" in the fall of 2016. I could feel that the medicine within her was made through experience, vulnerability and willingness to own her experience as a human, unapologetically. At that time in my life I wasn't in a stable financial place, but I knew our work together would clear my belief that I was unworthy of prosperity. 

She sincerely listened to my concerns and stories with non-judgement and asked me the right questions to spark a curious inquiry deep into my own denial, lies and truths yet to be discovered and remembered. Her journaling and weekly homework exercises were profound. 

We formulated a program together to discover the origins of my patterns and behaviors that were limiting me from experiencing the richness this life has to offer. When I was trudging through my hardest moments, she was available. I now have the resources to access my deepest inner knowing, to trust the intuition and signals of my body and express myself appropriately. I am forever grateful to Arielle, my mentor, my new friend. 

Verana Bailowitz,  Astrologer
Arielle came into my life at a time when I was asking for guidance around my relationships, my service to the world, my purpose, and my seemingly fractured connections with myself and the world around me. My healing during the time in my life has been around my sexuality, self-worth, boundaries and stepping fully into my power. Arielle has helped me dig deeply into where I tell myself stories that don't serve me, and then together she helps me retell my life in the way that most serves me and the people in my world. 

Arielle’s presence and transmission are powerful. Her own personal work shows itself beautifully in her honesty and fierce compassion. The strength of her own inner knowing alights each session with a strong sense of support and dignity.  It is a beautiful sacred honor to work, grow and explore with Arielle.

Minna Mustappa, Conscious Business Agent
"Before I met Arielle I had been single for four years. I wanted to figure out why and I strongly felt Arielle would be able to help with this process (I was right). My first session was way more intense then I could have imagined and the power of the sessions carried on throughout. Most of all, Arielle connected me to my value and power. This has enabled me to have the courage to truly go after my dreams and create the life I want for myself, as well as just feel so much better in every moment. I look forward to seeing how all of this keeps on manifesting. Working with Arielle was a completely life changing, wonderful, don't-want-to-imagine what my life would have been without it experience. She is a true treasure and I feel blessed to have have her enter my life".